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Holiday Gift Guide for Her (Under $25)

I love getting gifts for people. It's like a sport to me. Every year I create a gift guide of gifts I'm getting others, gifts I would like myself, or gifts that I've gotten or gave in the past. I'm totally a list maker so here is this years list. Hopefully this gift guide will give you some ideas! 

I will be adding additional gifts to this list in the coming weeks so be sure to check back!

1. Textured Fedora
$14.90 at Forever21

2. Critter Planter
$18 at Anthropologie

3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

$19.95 on Amazon

4. Exploding Kittens
$20 - Such a fun and addicting card game

5. Stamp Set
$14 on Etsy

6. Tile
$25 - Never lose important things again!

7. Poncho
$24.99 at H&M

8. Pen & Ink Prints
$19.50 at Naptime Sketches

9. Teeth Whitening Kit
 $29 at Smile Sciences with code "Andie"

10. Glam Bag - Subscription

$10/month at Ipsy

11. Choker Necklace
$20 at Urban Outfitters

12. Blanket Scarf
$16.99 and up at Target

13. State Love Necklace
$14.95 at Kelly & Pavel Design

14.  Cute and cozy robe
$24.99 at Target

15. Kate Spade Notebook
$14 at Nordstrom

16. Tory Burch Mini Duo Fragrance
$18 at Sephora

17. Juicy Couture Faux-Fur Earmuff Headphones

$22.99 at Kohl's

Keep checking back for more gift ideas!

Xoxo, Andrea

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