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Fall Fashion - Featuring Julia!

Meet one of my besties, Julia!
We met when both of our husbands were studying at Duke. I remember when she stood up in Relief Society to introduce herself. I almost thought she was messing with me because it was the same introduction I gave a few months earlier.
-From Utah - Check
-Work remotely from home office - Check
-Work for a software company in Utah - Check
-Husband studying at Duke - Check

I also immediately noticed her great sense of fashion. I pretty much knew we'd be besties.

We had so much fun in Durham! We got to experience Duke Men's Basketball win the National Championship together, we made the same friends and we just had the time of our life! Her husband, Matthew, graduate in 2015 from Duke Law and a few months later they moved to London for his job. It was very bittersweet. I was so happy they landed such a great opportunity but I knew I wouldn't get to see her very much due to distance. The summer they moved to London, they actually stayed in our townhouse with us for a little while they made preparations to head home for the summer. So we were legit roommates for a little bit! The 4 of us would have late night chats and during the days, Julia and I would work from home together. It was a party!

A month or so ago after Daniel graduated, we went to Europe to celebrate. I made sure one of our stops was in London so we could see the wonderful Lowes. The few days we were in London were the best!

Fast forward a few weeks to our most recent reunion, this time in Utah!! We recently moved back and Julia planned a trip home to visit friends and family. From our dinner chats on her mom's balcony to singing karaoke at a bar, we had a blast! Marie and I didn't start this blog until after Julie had moved to London but I knew I always wanted to feature her and her cute style! So of course we made time to do a mini photoshoot at her house!

Check out some of our favorite looks we're rocking this Fall!

Julia's look-
Julia got most of these pieces from Nordstrom Rack and I have to say that they are perfect for Fall!
It's all about the details!
It's great how the right sweater can both be comfy and classy!
Get her look:

Sweater with elbow patch detail

Black pants

My look-
A little staple dress can go such a long way! 
I pull out this mustard dress every Fall because it goes well with so many different accessories
I am loving these two colors for Fall right now.
I swapped my scarf blanket for a boyfriend flannel which I ended up wearing when we went to the bar for karaoke. I love this look!
So simple and comfortable. My two favorite things.

Get my look:

Mustard dress

Boyfriend flannel shirt

Fringe Poncho

Comfy, cute and simple for the win, right?!
Thanks for stopping by:) Stay tuned for more collabs!

 Xo - Andie & Julia

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